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About Tutum Medical Ltd

Tutum Medical Ltd, a UK company, design and manufacture innovative medical technologies and its overall aim is to improve global healthcare through innovation. 

The company is closely linked with test and measurement experts TBG Solutions sharing premises, staff and resources. Tutum Medical was formed after Managing Director of TBG Solutions, Paul Rawlinson, identified a need for a medical alarm system to support nurses whilst working with Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

The first product from Tutum Medical is the multi-award-winning BEAMS (Bedside Equipment Alarm Monitoring System). BEAMS allows Nurses to improve response times to medical alarms, making their lives easier and improving patient care and experience.

The second product is an adaption of the BEAMS system for home use 'BEAMS at Home'. Carers looking after children and adults who are terminally ill, or require 24-hour monitoring at home, can now rely on BEAMS to alert them only when a piece of critical lifesaving medical equipment alarms unexpectantly.

BEAMS is able to provide a consistent and reliable alert system that reduces alarm durations times below 40 seconds

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