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Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Sheffield Children’s Hospital

With larger wards and more soundproof, single occupancy bed rooms planned for the new wing at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, a demand arose for a bedside equipment monitoring system. The hospital approached Tutum Medical Ltd to develop a suitable system.

The successful BEAMS system has now been installed in 70 single occupancy rooms across six wards in the hospital and improves response times to equipment alarms and helps ensure alarms do not go unheard.

“The BEAMS system improves patient care without increasing staffing levels; it is a great example of managing costs and improving patient safety through innovation.”

Professor Derek Burke FRCSEd FRCEM FRCPCH
Former Medical Director, Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Significant improvement in response times to critical alarms

based on a clinical trial carried out at Sheffield Children’s Hospital 2017

BEAMS trial at Sheffield Children’s Hospital


BEAMS gives us the assurance and support for both the nursing staff and families that their care and safety is a priority to us. Patients and parents will know that if an alarm is sounding their nurse will respond, particularly when they do not feel able to call the nurse themselves.”

Susan Iever
Sheffield Children’s Hospital Clinical Lead Matron
See BEAMS at Sheffield Children’s Hospital  
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