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Helping nurses respond to critical situations quickly and efficiently

Why BEAMS helps

With a multi-award-winning BEAMS system installed you can keep your patients safe by ensuring that staff are fully aware of all bedside alarms and which alarms are a priority, even if they can’t be heard behind a closed door.

The BEAMS system can improve patient care without increasing staffing levels; it is a great example of managing costs and improving patient safety through innovation.

Ensuring nurse time is spent with patients, not patrolling corridors for alarms

Improves staff efficiency by giving nurses more time for nursing, and less time walking up and down corridors listening for alarms
Improves patient safety as alarms can be heard and responded to quickly from real-time data of alerts
Gives an Improved patient experience, reducing anxiety and impact on sleep
Improves staff satisfaction and wellbeing through reduced step counts from walking up and down corridors looking for alarm notifications from lights, or listening at doors, and gives staff reassurance with better oversight, reducing stress, anxiety and emotional burdens
Improves infection control so room doors can be kept shut, as alarms can still be responded to
Improves response times and greatly reduces the number of alarms going unanswered for long periods of time
Returns money on the investment because of savings generated through reduced nursing costs and reduced risk of claims
BEAMS does not integrate with patient records or record any confidential patient data
BEAMS does not require access to the internet or hospital Wi-FI
BEAMS is available to purchase as a Opex or Capex model with maintenance options for both, which include technology upgrades
BEAMS only requires mounting on walls and attaching to a power source (the BEAMS listening element in patient rooms can be fixed by Velcro), and only requires drilling into walls to fix the corridor speakers
BEAMS prompts staff to notice and action bedside alarms in a timely and appropriate manner, by giving verbal and visual information which identifies the location of the alarm and its importance for patient wellbeing
BEAMS ensures prompt responses to critical alarms reducing risks to patients
BEAMS documents alarms and response times to evidence nursing care and reduce the risk of negligence claims
BEAMS reduces costs by releasing staff from “patrolling” to provide nursing care, reducing reliance upon agency and bank staff
Easy installation with minimum disruption to patients and infrastructure
‘Please visit the References page for papers on sleep disturbance, managing alarm systems, patient safety and others.
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