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Empowering Lives: International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and the Impact of BEAMS at Home

The 3rd of December marks a significant day on the global calendar – the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. A day set aside to celebrate the achievements of millions who triumph over challenges daily while simultaneously raising awareness and understanding of disability issues. This year, as we take a moment to reflect on the strides made towards inclusive and accessible communities, we also shed light on innovative solutions like BEAMS at Home that are making a considerable difference in the lives of persons with disabilities and their caregivers. 

A Day of Reflection and Celebration

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is not just a day of acknowledgement but also a call to action. It encourages individuals, institutions, and governments worldwide to prioritise inclusivity and equality, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their disabilities, can access the same opportunities. 

BEAMS at Home: Elevating In-Home Care

For those living with complex needs and the families and carers supporting them, medical equipment often plays a pivotal role. The constant need to monitor this equipment can be demanding, leading to increased stress and anxiety. This is where BEAMS at Home steps in as a game-changer. 

Originally developed in collaboration with Sheffield Children’s Hospital, BEAMS (Bedside Equipment Alarm Monitoring System) has now been adapted for the domestic sphere, designed specifically to assist in-home caregivers and family members. 

With its acoustic monitoring capability, BEAMS at Home ensures that carers are only alerted when a critical piece of medical equipment signals an alarm, allowing them some respite and the freedom to engage in other activities without being tied to their monitoring responsibilities. 

Why BEAMS at Home is Revolutionary

  • Peace of Mind: The system diminishes the anxiety and stress associated with constantly having to listen out for machinery alarming. 
  • Empowerment: Caregivers can regain some semblance of normality, knowing they’ll be alerted only when absolutely necessary. 
  • Safety First: With BEAMS, the chances of missing a crucial alert are minimised, ensuring the well-being of the individual with disabilities. 

Inclusivity in Action

On this International Day of Persons with Disabilities, let’s recognise not just the challenges faced by this community but also the innovations making their lives, and those of their caregivers, a little easier. BEAMS at Home stands as a testament to what can be achieved when technology is harnessed to empower, uplift, and enable. 

To find out more, please take a look here.


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