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Highly Praised BEAMS System Wins Another Major Award

The Bedside Equipment Alarm Monitoring System (BEAMS) from Tutum Medical Ltd has been highly praised after winning the Building Better Healthcare Award for Best Communications System 2022.

The BEAMS monitoring system for single-bed patient rooms and four to six bay wards enables nurses to significantly improve response times to critical bedside alarms. It is the only acoustic solution which listens for medical device alarms and notifies staff of the source and urgency of the alarm.

The judges said: “This is an absolutely fantastic system which we predict will become much more widespread in its use as we move towards a model of single room patient environments. It provides peace of mind for patients and is enabling staff to get on with their jobs whilst ensuring the safety of those they look after. This is a worthy winner and evidence of innovation at its finest.”

Every hospital where the multi-award-winning BEAMS system has been adopted or trialled has seen improvement in response times to all bedside alarms by up to 84%. Tutum Medical predicts BEAMS will generate additional revenue of £47.3m over the next five years, with the potential to double this with the addition of a falls prevention system currently being developed.

The successful BEAMS system developed for and with Sheffield Children’s Hospital integrates a digital platform with audible monitors, a speaker system and nurse consoles. It is also mains-operated and creates its own Wi-Fi mesh network which removes the need to interface to hospital infrastructure.

The Building Better Healthcare Awards honour the exemplary work produced for the healthcare built environment, medical devices and technology sectors of the UK and are held each year in London.

For more information including the many benefits BEAMS can provide, to watch the video, or to book a free trial at your hospital, please call 01246 819100.

BEAMSsaves time, saves money and saves lives.

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