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Introducing BEAMS: Collaborating with NHS Trusts and Private Hospitals to Elevate Patient Safety


In the realm of healthcare technology, innovations are constantly emerging. Among the latest additions, BEAMS by Tutum Medical stands out, offering a promising solution for enhancing the responsiveness of healthcare staff across NHS trusts and private hospitals.

What is BEAMS?:

BEAMS, or Bedside Equipment Alarm Monitoring System, is a cutting-edge acoustic alarm monitoring technology. Designed to act as a vigilant listener, it ensures that essential equipment alarms never go unnoticed, irrespective of ambient noise or location.


The NHS, a vital component of UK healthcare, handles a myriad of patient cases daily. Amidst this bustling environment, ensuring every patient receives timely care is paramount. 

  • Ensuring Timely Responses: Within the expansive settings of NHS hospitals, BEAMS serves as a reliable assistant, discerning between critical and non-critical alarms, helping healthcare professionals attend to urgent needs swiftly. 
  • Enhancing Care Quality: Rapid response times can have a profound impact on patient outcomes. BEAMS enables NHS staff to remain consistently aware of and address alarms promptly.

BEAMS in Private Hospitals:

Private hospitals pride themselves on offering a tailored care experience. BEAMS ensures that this customised care is backed by top-notch technological support. 

  • Elevating Patient Experience: As private rooms are a standard feature in private hospitals, BEAMS ensures that privacy doesn’t compromise safety. It helps deliver a more secure and streamlined patient stay. 
  • Supporting Hospital Staff: For private hospital staff, BEAMS offers a tool that allows them to manage their responsibilities effectively, providing care without being overwhelmed by alarms.

Seamless Implementation:

Tutum Medical, the creators behind BEAMS, collaborate with both NHS trusts and private organisations to integrate this innovation into their care models. Its straightforward setup and user-friendly interface ensure that institutions can tap into its benefits swiftly.

Looking Ahead:

Though BEAMS is a newer entrant to the market, its potential is evident. As healthcare continues to evolve, focusing on patient-centric models, BEAMS promises to be a pivotal tool in crafting positive patient experiences. 

Closing Thoughts:

Tutum Medical’s BEAMS illustrates the healthcare industry’s commitment to harnessing technology for superior patient care. Reach out to Tutum Medical to see how BEAMS can integrate into your healthcare setting and enhance patient safety or find out more here.

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