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  • The World’s Only Acoustic Bedside Equipment Critical Alarm Monitoring System

  • Helping nurses respond to critical situations quickly and efficiently

  • Ensuring nurse time is spent with patients, not patrolling corridors for alarms

  • Significant improvement in response times to critical alarms

World’s Only Acoustic Bedside Equipment Critical Alarm Monitoring System

The multi-award-winning BEAMS is the only acoustic monitoring system for all critical bedside alarms, to improve response times to situations quickly and efficiently for improved patient outcomes, better workflow for staff and to reduce healthcare costs.

What is the problem?

There are an increasing number of single-bed patient rooms in UK hospitals, increasing the risk of alarms going unheard through walls and closed doors (this has been exacerbated during Covid with more single-bed rooms and closed wards for infection control), this increases the risk of major incidences, such as:
  • Patients failing to get the prescribed amount of medication
  • Deterioration of patient’s health
  • Serious injury
  • Death

BEAMS is the only solution

With a BEAMS system installed you can keep your patients safe by ensuring that staff are fully aware of all bedside alarms, even if they can’t be heard behind a closed door. BEAMS lets staff know which alarms are sounding and where, so they can prioritise patient care. BEAMS does not integrate with your nurse call system but is a stand-alone, improved system, which can be programmed by staff to identify which alarms are a priority - improving workflow.


BEAMS is able to provide a consistent and reliable alert system that reduces alarm durations times below 40 seconds

Sheffield Children’s Hospital

With larger wards and more soundproof, single occupancy bed rooms planned for the new wing at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, a demand arose for a bedside equipment monitoring system. 

The hospital approached Tutum Medical Ltd to develop a suitable system. The successful BEAMS system has now been installed in 70 single occupancy rooms across six wards in the hospital and improves response times to equipment alarms and helps ensure alarms do not go unheard. BEAMS has reduced the number of alarms taking >2 minutes to respond to by 78%; >5 minutes by 88% and >10 minutes by 95%. 

“The BEAMS system improves patient care without increasing staffing levels; it is a great example of managing costs and improving patient safety through innovation.” 
Professor Derek Burke FRCSEd FRCEM FRCPCH, Former Medical Director, Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

BEAMS at home

The multi-award-winning BEAMS system has now been adapted for home use. Carers looking after children and adults who are terminally ill, or require 24-hour monitoring at home, can now rely on BEAMS to alert them only when a piece of critical lifesaving medical equipment alarms unexpectantly.

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