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Technological Advances are central to the future of Medical Alarm Management: How BEAMS is leading the Way


In their editorial for the British Journal of Medicine, Halley Ruppel and Christopher Bonafide (2020) explore the promising trajectory of clinical alarm management initiatives within healthcare settings. They address the challenges posed by alarm fatigue, where healthcare professionals become desensitised to frequent alarms from medical devices. Additionally, they discuss the pivotal role of technological advancements, particularly wearable devices, in augmenting alarm management.

The authors highlight a quality improvement project, where they underscore the significance of promptly addressing sounding alarms to alleviate stress on patients, their families, and healthcare providers (Pater et al). They also underscore the potential of clinical alarm management initiatives in enhancing patient safety, streamlining workflow, and combating alarm fatigue.

BEAMS: The future of medical alarm management

Tutum Medical’s BEAMS (Bedside Equipment Monitoring System) offers a technological solution to tackle key issues in medical alarm management. By detecting medical device alarm tones and alerting ward staff in their native language, BEAMS enables prioritisation of critical alarms, enhances workflow management, and minimises unnecessary patient disturbances.

Professor Derek Burke, former Medical Director at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, tells Tutum Medical about the positive impact BEAMS is having in their hospital:

“BEAMS provides us the added assurance that we won’t miss patient alarms during our busiest periods and is an important part of our continuous improvement programme ensuring we deliver high quality, safe and effective patient care. It also requires a minimal leased investment and zero infrastructure changes.”

Continued innovation in BEAMS technology

Dr. Katherine Rawlinson, Director of Operations at Tutum Medical, eagerly anticipates the upcoming launch of wearable fobs in 2024. These innovative devices are poised to drive further advancements in alarm management solutions:

“The difference BEAMS is making across both private and NHS hospital sectors of both staff and patients is immediately evident as soon as we step onto a ward using our system.  Wearable fobs are an exciting next step in BEAMS technology.”

By working in partnership with hospitals, Tutum medical are providing ward staff with the technology needed to support improvement in workflow efficiencies and enhance patient safety.


In light of the mounting pressures on the healthcare system and the shift toward single-bed rooms in modern hospitals, innovations in medical alarm management are deemed indispensable for both private and NHS healthcare sectors. As healthcare evolves, the role of such technologies will be increasingly vital in delivering high-quality, efficient patient care.

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