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The Future of Nursing: How Smart Alarm Management Empowers Ward Staff


In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare environment, the integration of technology in nursing practices is standard. Smart alarm management systems, like BEAMS by Tutum Medical, are at the forefront of this revolution, significantly enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of nursing care in hospitals. BEAMS helps to streamline the process of responding to medical alarms, reducing response times and minimising patient disturbances.

Challenges in Current Practices:

In conventional settings, ward staff are often challenged by the need to respond to frequent alarms generated by multiple devices attached to a patient. Each device may use up to five different tonal sounds to indicate various issues, creating a complex auditory environment that is difficult to navigate. As a result, Healthcare Support Workers (HCSWs) typically locate the source of an alarm before a nurse can assess and address the issue, leading to multiple disruptions for the patient.

BEAMS: A Technological Evolution:

BEAMS revolutionises this process by using a library of over 180 distinct tonal sounds to provide precise information about the location, device, and type of alarm through audible announcements in the native language of the ward staff. This system not only identifies but also communicates the specific action required directly to the nurse via corridor speakers and wearable pendants, thus bypassing the need for intermediary steps.

Quote: “BEAMS provides critical information in spoken native language, enabling nurses to respond efficiently and effectively to alarms. This reduces the cognitive load and allows them to focus on patient care rather than alarm identification.” – [Paul Rawlinson, CEO, Tutum Medical]

Empowering Nurses:

With smart alarm management:

  • Direct Notification: Nurses receive real-time notifications about what actions are needed and where, directly communicated in an understandable format. This immediate clarity reduces the time spent in deciphering alarm sounds.
  • Prepared Responses: For instance, if an infusion bag needs changing, nurses can arrive at the bedside fully prepared, thus minimising the patient’s disturbance and streamlining care delivery.
  • Reduced Alarm Fatigue: By clearly articulating the type and location of alarms, BEAMS significantly cuts down on the ubiquitous ‘alarm fatigue’ that can desensitise staff to potential emergencies.

Impact on Patient Care:

The direct and clear communication of alarm specifics ensures that patient disturbances are significantly reduced. This system not only facilitates a quicker response but also enhances the patient’s experience and safety by ensuring that the right help is provided promptly and accurately.


The future of nursing is being reshaped by technologies that enhance staff communication and workflow. Smart alarm management systems like BEAMS by Tutum Medical represent a critical advancement in medical technology that empowers nurses, reduces non-essential interactions, and focuses on direct patient care. As healthcare continues to evolve, the role of such technologies will become increasingly fundamental in delivering high-quality, efficient patient care.

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