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Chronic Care: A Patient’s Desire to Return Home

In the field of medical care, some individuals face an unceasing tide of chronic complex needs. These patients, often are very fragile, have a unique story to tell, which includes personal resilience, hope, and the unending wish to return to the comforts of home. 

1. The Mosaic of Emotions:

For patients with chronic complex care needs, hospital stays aren’t sporadic occurrences but a recurring chapter in their life. This cyclic nature of hospital admissions and discharges brings with it a range of emotions, from despair and resignation to hope and determination. 

2. The Echo of Home:

There’s a deep-seated desire in these patients to be amidst the familiar — the comfort of their bed, the warmth of family conversations, the touch of a beloved pet. Every hospital room window becomes a portal to memories of days outside the sterile confines of medical institutions. 

3. A Domino Effect in Healthcare:

While the patient dreams of home, the healthcare system faces its own set of challenges. Every bed occupied by a long-term patient is one less bed for acute admissions or for those on waiting lists for planned procedures. The need for efficient bed turnover is pressing, yet the complexity of chronic care often creates multiple obstacles. 

4. The Complexity of Discharge Planning:

Discharging a patient with chronic complex needs isn’t straightforward. It involves ensuring home-based care, setting up medical equipment, and establishing a robust support system. For many patients, this dream of returning home remains elusive due to these complexities. 

5. The Power of Innovation:

Innovations like the BEAMS system offer hope. By enabling effective monitoring of vital medical equipment alarms at home, patients can be safely cared for in their preferred environment. Carers are reassured that they can meet the needs of the person they care for. This not only improves the patient’s quality of life but also that of  carers (paid and unpaid) at home, whilst alleviating the strain on hospital resources. 

While the individual dreams of going home, there’s a larger narrative at play — that of a healthcare system balancing patient care with operational efficiencies. As waiting lists grow, the urgency to free up hospital beds intensifies. 

Every challenge faced by these patients and the healthcare system underscores the importance of innovative solutions that cater to complex care needs. As more such systems are integrated, the dream of returning home becomes a tangible reality for countless patients. 


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