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World Day of the Sick 2024: Enhancing Patient Comfort and Safety with BEAMS

Recognising the Resilience of Patients

World Day of the Sick, observed on 11th February, serves as a poignant reminder of the strength and resilience of countless patients around the globe. As we mark this day in 2024, we not only acknowledge their battles but also consider how advancements in healthcare technology can further support and elevate their care. 

Challenges in the Patient Experience:

Being in a medical facility surrounded by unfamiliar sounds can be unsettling. One of the most prevalent of these sounds is the constant beeping of medical devices and alarms. For patients, particularly those in critical conditions, these alarms can be distressing, serving as a reminder of their fragile state. 

Elevating Care with BEAMS:

The Bedside Equipment Alarm Monitoring System (BEAMS) by Tutum Medical is designed with the patient’s experience at the forefront. By ensuring that alarms are promptly addressed, BEAMS minimises anxiety, ensures timely interventions, and fosters a more serene environment for recovery. 

A More Restful Healing Process:

Sleep is a powerful medicine. Yet, constant alarms can disrupt this healing rest. BEAMS prioritises alarms, ensuring only the most critical reach caregivers immediately, allowing patients to rest more peacefully and recover more swiftly. 

For the Carers and Loved Ones:

It’s not only patients who benefit. Family members and other carers can feel more at ease knowing that their loved ones are in an environment where their needs are addressed promptly and effectively. 

World Day of the Sick: A Day of Reflection and Action:

As we observe World Day of the Sick this year, let’s pledge to continue enhancing the healthcare experience for all patients. BEAMS represents one step in this journey, bridging the gap between technology and compassionate care. 

Connect with Tutum Medical: To discover how BEAMS can enhance the patient experience at your healthcare facility, reach out to the dedicated team at Tutum Medical.

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